ICC: Transforming Schools into the 21st Century ~ Shift Control

Implementation Session #2

Morning Resources

Punya Mishra goes head to head with Kaplan Univ.youtube video

Event vs. Process: A Leadership Culture youtube video

All Technology Uses are NOT Created Equal: Accelerating High-Yielding Practices

ISTE Eduverse Talks Episode 13 with Bernajean Porter Now Posted!

external image pdf.png Technology&LearningSpectrum.pdf

external image pdf.png Charact.ofEffect.Instr.pdf

The Outdoor Classroom: Science Experiments in the Environment - Edutopia video

Afternoon Resources

external image pdf.png ScienceLearningActivityTypes.pdf

external image msword.png K-12_21stCentTech.Skills.doc
external image pdf.png ISTE Essential Conditions.pdf

Brainstorm using Etherpad - Marshalltown Brainstorm using Etherpad - Clear Lake

external image empty.png EssentialConditionsRubric_ActionPlan.doc

Additional Resources

Learning Activity Types Wiki (math, literacy, social studies, science)

Developing TPCK Teachers Tech Integration Knowledge in Action
Start: 21:22- Stop: 35:54

Progress Monitoring Document - Google Docs